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Advantage Plus Overview

Take advantage of the industry leading Hospital Indemnity Plan. GTL’s Advantage Plus helps your clients cover out-of-pocket medical expenses and offers the most flexible coverage on the market.

* Provides Cash Benefits to Insured
* Issue Age 40-85
* Guarantee Issue For 64 1/2 - 65 1/2
* Weekly Commissions for Agents

OPtional Riders

Advantage Plus offers a variety of great optional riders for your clients. Learn more about the riders in this video.

* Ambulance Trips
* Lump Sum Cancer
* Dental/Vision
* Short Duration Hospital Stays
* Outpatient Surgery
* Skilled Nursing Facility
* Lump Sum Hospital Confinement Rider

Covers 24-hr Observation

Advantage Plus covers both hospital confinement and hospital observation - your customers can feel secure that they will be covered.

ipad App

You can submit your clients application via iPad App, online through the agent portal, or by paper application. This video explains some of the benefits of the iPad App.

* Submit Application Directly from App
* Application Instantly Issued

Guarantee Trust Life Ins. Advantage Plus policy series G0553 and G1550 is a limited benefit indemnity policy. It is not a Medicare Supplement policy or certificate, and does not fully supplement any federal Medicare health insurance. If your clients are eligible for Medicare, they may review the Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare available from GTL. Note: This is a supplement to health insurance and is not a substitute for major medical coverage. Lack of major medical coverage (or other Minimum Essential Coverage) may result in an additional payment with taxes.